Datum Carrier Plate

Datum Carrier Plate (DCP) is a premier solder pallet material. This composite-thermoset plastic combines excellent machinability with a long service life to deliver direct cost benefits to both the pallet fabricator and the PCB assembler.

DCP’s high-performance glass filler enables faster cutting speeds and longer tool life. Its chemically resistant matrix ensures its solid performance through repeated reflow, wave solder or selective wave soldering processes. Available in both Electro Static Discharge (ESD) safe and non-ESD versions, DCP has a demonstrated life of up to 10,000 solder cycles.

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Datum Carrier Plate

A 2016 user study showed that even with the harshest of solder cycles – wave soldering – with three minutes of direct contact with 250°C solder and cooling to room temperature – concluded that:

  • With 24 hour production, life cycle was projected to be 1.5 years
  • With 12 hour production, life cycle was projected to be 2-2.5 years
  • 2 years into production, no performance deficiencies were noted

Additional recommendations included slower cooling between thermal cycles to preserve service life and projected 10,000 cycles for selective wave solder pallets due to their minimal contact with molten solder. Read the full report here.

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Datum Carrier Plate
Datum Carrier Plate
Product Details

Based on feedback from some loyal customers:

  • Minimum wall and floor thickness: 1 mm (not recommended for large areas)
  • Speed and feed rates:  Spindle speed 7500 rpm, 8000 rpm max;
    Feed rate: 1200 mm/min (45 in/min) for a 6 mm (0.25 in) tool
  • Cutter type: DCP needs hard metal tools such as Chrome-Vanadium. Typically use a 2 flute diamond coated tool.
  • Coolant:  Coolant is used to keep the dust contained but is not necessary for cutting.  In the absence of coolant, a vacuum is required to remove the dust.

Our customers tell us they appreciate the consistent quality and fast delivery, in addition to the competitive pricing and faster, easier machining. We are proud to offer a product that benefits both our direct customer and the end user, and back it with 24-hour worldwide customer service.


Visit Datum’s Support Library for a complete list of resources.


Datum Carrier Plate (DCP) Datasheet

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